"If I tell you something - you probably have forgotten about it in 10 minutes.

If I was your teacher at the University - you might remember some today.

But if I manage to inspire you - you will start to do things differently tomorrow."


This is always my ultimate target in running both Professional development and Seminars.

Change of behavior will be key to creating a more sustainable and healthy global building stock for the future.


I probably have made all mistakes in the book during my years in this industry. Would be more than happy to share this with you in any way I can making you reach higher, further and faster as a professional. 

I started with Solar shading back in 1993 as a Sales rep for Hunter Douglas. Managed Project Sales for the last 4 years until 2001 when I joined Somfy Nordic AB as Project Sales Manager. 2014 I moved position to Somfy SA (International) as Int Business Developer.

In parallel, I became active in ES-SO (the European Solar Shading Organization) in 2006 and since 2012 I have been a Board member and Chairman of the Marketing Committee. www.es-so.com.

As of Jan 2020, I am the president of ES-SO.

ShadeAcademy is a private initiative to develop a platform online for the useful sharing of knowledge and experience around Adaptive Daylight Management. 





I started in the solar shading industry in 1996 as R&D Director until 2019. This position led me to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the product, and to advise on its application in projects.


I am currently Chair of Professional Development at the European Solar Shading Organization ES-SO and a member of ES-SO research groups on the impact of shading control strategies on energy demand and comfort parameters, as well as being a member of the European Standardisation Committee.


I enjoy sharing the knowledge I acquired in my career and thereby being able to contribute to the design of more sustainable and comfortable buildings.