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Adaptive Daylight Management

Do you recognize any of these? 

- I have had bad experiences with cheap solar shading solutions

- My tenants have a lot of complaints about glare or overheating

- How do I create a Specification that will survive the building process?

- How can solar shading contribute to efficiency and a good indoor climate?

- How is dynamic solar shading a passive solution?

- How do I explain this to the Investor for Budget approval?

We have the answers and solutions for you! 

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The micro-learning content we have developed will give you extensive knowledge and insights delivered in a practical and pragmatic way.

We aim to fast-track you to overcome the challenges highlighted above making you an expert on Adaptive Daylight Management. 

What do they think about the Shade Academy offer?

Stephen Selkowitz

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US (Retired)

"Shade Academy fills the gaps 

The Shade Academy fills the gaps in prior educational offerings on solar shading solutions. Its coverage spans from basic principles to cutting edge solutions, from design to practice and installation.  Perhaps most important the content is accessible and immediately actionable, delivering real value for the time invested."

Max Tillberg

CEO EQUA Solutions

SImulation Expert, Sweden

"I can recommend this if you are a Consultant or Architect

Anders Hall is really engaged when it comes to develop and share knowledge around dynamic facade solutions based on modern glass and automated shading. He has succeeded in connecting manufacurers, scientists, builders, architects and consultants creating sustainable and quality buildings."

Andrew Kitching

Managing Director

Guthrie Douglas, UK

"Appreciated by both our staff and customers/clients

Shade Academy has really supported us in developing the knowledge of our staff and has also proved to be popular with our customers and clients. The content gives great and useful insights and tools for Architects, Consultants and Contractors. It also helps to establish a common language to be used when specifying solar shading solutions with the goal to create healthy and sustainable buildings." 

Prof Shady Attia

Sustainable Archtecture at University of Lie'ge, Belgium

"An exellent opportunity

Shade Academy is an excellent opportunity for building professionals who wants to gain a good understanding of how to select and operate dynamic facades. It is comprehensive, including case studies, guidance on automated control and proven approaches to planning and designing dynamic facades."

Agne Andersson

Business Developer, Almedahls AB, Sweden

"Better your knowledge on dynamic facades

I have had the pleasure, the past 20 years, to co-operate with Anders Hall when it concerns facade specification for commercial buildings. I can definitely recommend the Shade Academy offer if you seek broader and deeper knowledge about dynamic facades."


We have created a complete library of short informative

lessons giving easy-to-grasp and practical information.

All are divided into main categories making it easy to

navigate and find what you are looking for.

Each lesson takes you some 2-5 minutes making it

quick and easy to find answers to your questions.

Use it as a toolbox to solve issues on the table today - or spend some dedicated time and follow the content more as a course. All up to you.

Either way - as a member you get unlimited access to it all 24/7 for one year.


Invitations to various free webinars with seminars + Q&A during the year

Various useful tools, checklists and templates for Specification and Service etc

Access to the international network of other professionals we will build up over time

Continuously updated library to download. Content expanded based on development and requests from members

Sample the format

Here you can sample the format we are using for all the different lessons.

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